Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a modern approach to network management where devices (such as routers, switches and WiFi access points) are dynamically configured, allowing them to quickly respond to changes in the network.

We use SDN principles to provision, manage and monitor devices on our customers’ networks. We also partner with ActivePort to provide SD-Internet and SD-WAN services.


SD-Internet brings multiple Internet connections (of any type) together to provide a highly reliable and fast connection. Services may be configured as:

  • Active + Failover
  • Active + Active
  • Multiple-Active + Failover

The service provides true bonding (not just load balancing), so your Internet connection is as fast as the sum of all your active connections.

Failover occurs almost instantaneously, so your users won’t experience any interruption.


Software Defined Wide Area Network uses the same technology as SD-Internet to connect multiple sites together, or to the datacentre or public cloud. This enables organisations with multiple sites to quickly connect their sites together with any available connectivity technology. A Next-Generation Firewall can be hosted in the datacentre or the cloud and shared between all sites.

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